Tuesday, January 3, 2012

#107- Paper or Cloth?

I heard a report on the radio this morning about using paper towels.  Now over the last few years we have all heard how using paper towels is more hygenic than using a cloth hand towel due to the bacteria that builds up on cloth hand towels.  You wash your hands, dry them with a cloth towel and the towel sits there, waiting for the next usage, whereas a paper towel gets thrown in the garbage after you use it.  I have never quite understood the theory that bacteria forms on the cloth towel (not being a chemistry or biology major, I chalked it up to ignorance on my part), since you just WASHED your hands with soap and water.  You did not wipe dirty, bacteria filled hands on the towel, so why should bacteria then grow after you dried your hands.  Well apparently experts (not sure who these experts are) have found that paper towels are LOADED with BACTERIA, especially recycled ones. You just can't win! I'm not sure if the news report was trying to tell us not to use paper towels, but my suspicion is someone from a cotton manufacturer leaked the report, to encourage a run on cloth towels at Sears or Kohls!  Wonder if Bounty or Scott stocks will drop today!

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