Monday, December 19, 2011

#101- Sour Grapes

I am not talking about the figurative ones, but the literal "sour grapes".  I was grocery shopping last week and was going through the produce aisle at a store that normally has great fruit & vegies, when what to my wondering eye should appear in the grape section - nothing but nasty looking, sour grapes.  I mean red, seedless grapes that had mold on them.  EVERY SINGLE BOX!!!! Not just one or two, like you sometimes see.  Now why in the hell would a store put out a whole display of bad grapes???? Let's explore.
1. The produce manager was out sick that day and the manager who was subbing was the cleaning aisle manager.
2. When they put the grapes out, they looked OK, so they must have ripened and gone bad in the course of 30 minutes.
3. The produce display stacker is blind.
4. The produce display stacker is from a 3rd world country where grapes with mold would be considered an antibiotic.
5. Santa delivered presents early to the store so they had to make room in the warehouse.
6. The grapes actually came on Santa's sleigh from the North Pole and were frozen then thawed then frozen then thawed.
7. The produce manager thought someone could use the grapes to make a batch of very dry sour wine.
 8. The produce manager is blind.

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