Sunday, August 28, 2011

#5 - Unappreciated Gifts

I put a lot of thought into a gift when I buy one, so it really irritates me when the recipient finds nothing but fault in what I have given and has no problem telling me exactly what is not right with the gift.  This is one of those areas where I do not believe in being totally straight with another person, as it can be very hurtful.
Here are a few examples:
1) oh thank you for the pierced earrings but I don't really like posts, I like ones that hang (even though I just got my ears pierced last week and don't really know the difference).
2) oh that angora sweater was beautiful, but I didn't like the neckline because I prefer one that allows my boobs to hang out, regardless of the fact I am nearly 100 years old.
3) I had to take the digital blood pressure kit you got me (you know the one that you spent a little more money for because I cannot figure out how to take blood pressure with a regular one) back to my pharmacy, which isn't the same pharmacy you bought it in, nor did they have the same brand, but they figured out what it probably cost you and gave me a refund.
You may think I made these examples up, but I did not.  They really happened. 


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