Thursday, November 3, 2011

#68- Will you make up your mind??!!!

I realize that with each passing day, comes new advances in the world of science and technology. And with those advances comes new discoveries.  So, I do understand that there may be better ways of approaching things than in years past.  However, it seems like every time you turn around, contradictions arise.  For example, one day we hear that coffee and caffeine are really bad for us.  The next day that is reversed and 2 cups of coffee a day can ward off breast cancer. One day we shouldn't be drinking alcohol.  The next day, a glass or two of red wine is great for the heart.  One day, we start babies on solid foods at 4-6 weeks old, the next day,we shouldn't be giving babies any solid food until they are a year old.  One day, parents have the option of an alternative immunization schedule as there is a link between certain immunizations and autism.  The next day, that is totally false.  How are we really supposed to know what to do!?!!? My philosophy is if it works, don't fix it.  Eat & drink in moderation, do what you think is right for your child after looking at all the pros and cons, and just live your life! It's no wonder people seem to be running in 10 different directions daily!

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