Monday, November 14, 2011

#76 - Biased Refs

My feelings about referees would be the same as announcers on TV.  They are paid to do a job and they should do it objectively, with no preference for one team or another.  So, when you are at a college football game and the ref makes calls that results in the entire stadium of 52,000 people booing, that tells me they did not do their job well at all.  Why is that?  Here are a few of my takes on this....
1. The ref is getting older and REALLY does need glasses.
2. The ref is getting older and is developing early altzheimers and has forgotten the rules of the game.
3. His mom asked him not to be too hard on the team that was doing poorly.
4. He couldn't get into the university because he wasn't smart enough and so has a chip on his shoulder against the entire school.
5.  His brother is a bookie and he couldn't pass betting on the game.

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