Monday, November 7, 2011

#72 - Biased Announcers

So we all are biased when it comes to our favorite teams.  I am a Jets fan, a Mets fan and a UVA fan.  And of course, when a call goes against my team, I will immediately either a) make an excuse for them like, well, I heard the flu was running through the team this week, or b) make a remark about the ref's eyesight, or c) talk about the other team's nastiness and unfair playing tactics. I can do all those things as I am a fan, not a paid announcer on TV.  I expect announcers to be objective and fair and simply state the facts as they arise on each play.  Not react in an excited way whenever the team we happen to be playing does something OK, not fantastic, just OK.  I then would expect the same excitement for my team when they do something OK.  Not the monotone, oh, that's another touchdown for UVA voice and then an excuse about why the opposition couldn't stop them from scoring.  There should be something written into these announcer's lucrative contracts (the lucrative part is just an assumption on my part as I do not know what they really earn for their biased commentating) that they are not allowed to take sides just because they are an alum of the school or better yet, they cannot announce a game for a school they attended or team or played for!!!
                                                                    Go Hoos Go!

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