Friday, November 4, 2011

#69 - I'm right, you're wrong

Remember my peeve about people pulling into parking spaces right next to you when there are five other spots in the general area of your vehicle? Well, this peeve now takes on an additional element: I know what I'm doing is right and you obviously are wrong.  Here's the scenario: you pull into a BJs parking lot. The guy in the spot next to you is a bit close to the line, so you adjust where you position your car in your spot accordingly.  He can get into his car and you can get out of your car.  That is, until a person pulls into the spot on the other side of you and decides he doesn't care how you are parked, he will park as close to the line bordering your car (actually about 6" from your car!), making it not only impossible for you to get into your car on the driver's side, but also for his wife to get out the passenger door in their car, so she needs to climb over the console and get out the driver's side.  I actually witnessed this as I came out with my filled shopping cart. I then witness the guy start to walk away from his car and head toward BJs.  I look at him and say, "how would you like me to get into my car?"  And he answers, " you should not have parked so close to the line." SO, in other words, you are incredibly stupid for how you parked, but I am not.  It is your problem, not mine. I am right, you are wrong.  Well, I was not moving on this (both figuratively and literally), and I explained how the car next to me was parked when I arrived. There must have been a look from me of "I will not let you pass me and go into the store until you move your car", as he hesitated and then goes back to his car, and begins to enter, all under the glare of his wife standing with a shopping cart.  I start putting my stuff in my trunk.  He gets back out of his car and says, are you going to move your car.  I look at the guy and now realize I must be dealing with someone mentally handicapped, or partially blind, and I say, when I finish loading my groceries and you move your car, so I can get into my car, yes I will.  Now mind you, there were two other spots, two cars over from him, that he could just have pulled out and back into.  But NOOOO, he wanted THAT SPOT for whatever reason. Now a younger me might have slowed my packing groceries to a crawl, just to annoy the guy.  The more mature me simply loaded the groceries and flicked him off in my mind!

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