Saturday, November 5, 2011

#70 - Cop Wannabe - Take 2

How many cop wannabes are there in this world?  Well, apparently at least one more than the park cop in my first cop wannabe pet peeve.  And this one was at the airport.  Here's the scene: your son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons are coming home from their 10 days in Cancun.  They land at 9pm on a Thursday night.  You are waiting in the cell phone lot for their call that they have cleared customs and are ready to be picked up.  You drive to arrivals - door #7.  Well apparently everybody in Northern VA must have been arriving at that exact moment, as the cars are 3 deep along the arrivals curb near door #7.  Now if you were driving your own little egg car, you might be a bit reckless and squeeze in between the parked cars.  However, you are not driving your own baby car, you are driving your son's ginormous Tahoe, so instead of the wild and crazy guy routine, you simply pull up a bit farther in a coned area that is not marked with any signs.  Tired and harried parents approach with the 1 & 3 year old, and you begin to quickly load the Tahoe.  Enter scene: cop wannabe AKA airport security.  "Excuse me, are you DOD?" Tired son answers, "no." "Are you DIA?" Same answer, "no." "Are you military?" By now, tired son has had it and says, "exactly what is your point? Cut to the chase!" "Well now, this area is only for military or government people and anyone else who parks here can be fined $150.00."  "Well sir, as you can see, we are not parked, we are simply loading our car as fast as humanly possible, and btw, there are absolutely NO SIGNS ANYWHERE saying who or what this area is." Cop wannabe exits scene, mumbling something under his breath, probably wishing he had a gun with A BULLET like Barney Fife, that he could have waved around in a menacing fashion!  Next time maybe he should lend a hand to the perpetrators instead of standing there playing the 20 Question Game!

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