Tuesday, November 1, 2011

#66 - Scrooge: Not Just at Christmas

Halloween - that enchanted day of the year for kids of all ages everywhere - where you dress up as something other than yourself, ring a doorbell, smile and look cute (or not) and get a treat thrown into your bag.  Treats for nothing!  Your costume doesn't even have to look like anything and you still get a treat because the giver doesn't want to look ignorant and ask what you are supposed to be!  I like Halloween.  But then again I like kids, even older ones who just use the day as an excuse to get candy but are really too cool to have a costume, so they just carry a pillow case for all their loot. By now you have realized that my pet peeve does not lie in the holiday; it lies with the Halloween Scrooges.  Those adults who must have suffered great trauma on Halloween as a child.  Adults who did not get good treats when they went trick or treating.  Adults who have forgotten all the fun associated with the day.  Adults who may not like kids.  Adults who were never kids themselves.  So they sit in a darkened house, with no lights on, listening to the squeals and laughter of children on the street, as they go to the non-scrooge houses and add to their plunder.  Kids today are kinder than when I was a young trick or treater because if we came across a Halloween Scrooge apartment, we did not ignore their selfishness.  Oh no, we made sure they knew that we were not as selfish as they.  We left them gifts of eggs (smashed on their doors or front stoop), chalk (chalk in socks makes quite a dusty mess when banged against something), flour and eggs and water mixtures in plastic baggies (dropped from the top of apartment buildings in front of the scrooges as they walked down the block).  Oh yes, we were truly selfless even in the face of selfishness!

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