Monday, October 31, 2011

#65 - Is This Meeting Important?

I am required to do my work calendar for the entire year in June, so that my dates can be put on the parish calendar first, as Religious Education takes priority over other meetings and events. I have on average 2 meetings a week throughout the year, one evening and sometimes a Saturday or Sunday.  I advertise important dates ahead of time, so parents can mark their calendars and adjust their schedules accordingly. So, in my opinion, you get dates, you mark your calendars and you attend meeting.  You do not call the RE office with the following question: is this meeting important? 
Because this is a list of the responses you may get from me:
1. Oh no, no, not at all. I like scheduling meetings in the evening or on the weekend to accomodate your schedules, even though it would be much more convenient for me to do the meeting during the usual workday hours of 9-5, especially when it really is not an important meeting. 
2. I like being away from my home and my husband to do unimportant things. 
3. There is nothing important that you need to know as a parent about the sacrament of Penance & Eucharist.
4. I just like to hear myself talk.
I wish people would think before they open their mouth.

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