Friday, September 2, 2011

#10 - Spoiled Children

I'm watching HGTV's House Hunters International the other day, which in and of itself, cracks me up, as I really don't get people looking for vacation homes thousands of miles from their home, that they will visit maybe twice a year.  Yes, I do realize the rental income potential, but the thought of worrying about another house in addition to the one we spend all of our time in, is overwhelming to me!  But this particular one on HGTV was especially humorous.  This couple was from Texas and were looking for a home in Belize, I believe (can't remember the exact country as I was laughing so much).  They brought their two adult children with them (somewhere in their mid twenties) for their input, as they would be vacationing with their parents, too.  OK, so the concept of a family vacation is nice, but if I am the one funding the whole project, no input from freeloaders would be required.  Not only did the 20 something daughter have a lot to say about the size of HER room over her brother's, but she actually didn't like one of the houses because the pool wasn't big enough for her to do laps, which she USED TO DO in high school!!!!!  Forget the fact that many people will never have a house of their own, let alone a vacation house, let alone a POOL, and a LAP POOL at that!!!!

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