Thursday, September 8, 2011

#16 - Weather Whiners

We human beings never seem to be content with things. If we have straight hair, we pay big bucks to go to the beauty parlor and get a perm; if we have curly hair we pay big bucks for products that will curb the curl and spend time with the hair dryer and flat iron to straighten it even more!  We admire people with certain personality traits and wish we could be like them.  If we are short, we wish we were tall.  If we are tall, we wish we were shorter.  So, why should our opinion on the weather be any different? In the middle of a Washington, DC summer, all we hear are words like scorcher, unbearable, 90+, high humidity, dog days of summer.  In the spring, all that is talked about is the pollen count (which in this area is unbelievably high - 3,000!!!!).  In the winter- frigid, bone-chilling, icy, schools closed, snarled traffic due to a half inch of snow, are just a few of the words one might hear.  These descriptions of what is going on are fine in themselves, but then the whining has to start!  The news anchors on TV are the worst.  Talk about getting people worked up for no reason.  It is what it is, and no amount of whining about it is going to make it go away! So, deal with it people and quit your whining!

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