Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#25 - Cop Wannabe Syndrome

There is a personality type out there whose ego becomes over-inflated with self-importance over what most people might consider menial, everyday things. The mall security cop who rides around on his people-mover ever so erectly watching over the forces of good and evil, as they battle each other in the food court.  The office manager who believes his office is his kingdom and he is the king and the workers are his serfs and what he says is to be accepted without a question, and without him, the place would fall apart and cease to exist.  And then there are the school security guards and the parks and recreation security cops, who lie in wait for the unsuspecting citizen, who comes to the school or park for the express purpose of a workout for himself and his dog - he speed walking around the track or on the trails, his dog running at full throttle across soccer fields and into the woods.  If there are other good citizens with their canines on the fields or trails, a dog should be kept on a leash.  However, when there is absolutely no one within a 10 mile radius, come on!  How the heck can a dog reach its full speed potential if hampered by a 50 something guy on the other end of a leash???!!! And then to be involved in a high speed chase around the track with the cop wannabe is criminal!  And the coup de grace is when the Robo Cop Wannabe asks you if you have a problem because you didn't heed his warning the first time about putting your dog on the leash, and you reply that there is absolutely NO ONE around, and he answers - IT'S THE LAW, MISTER! Well damn, if I would have known that Mr Dirty Harry Wannabe, I would most certainly have put my dog on her leash!

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  1. "Sir, I'm gonna need you to step over here and open all your bags for me . . ." "Ma'am, what I need you to do for me is step away from the vehicle, ma'am . . ." "Sir, I'm gonna need you to take off all of your clothes and then bend over and give me complete access to your bodily orifices, sir. . . "