Saturday, September 17, 2011

#22 - Where I'm Going is More Important Than Where You are Going

I know we all tend to be self-centered at times and forget that there are other people on this planet whom we should be considering before making a decision. I am notorious for being so focused when I am food shopping (mostly because I cannot stand food shopping) that I really block out everything and everyone around me. So, it would not be unusual for me to come flying around a corner of an aisle and have a near cart collision with an unsuspecting soul on the other side of the corner.  This collision would not cause one to be seriously injured or require a trip to the hospital. The way some people block others out when they drive, however, is another story! We've all been witness to these:
1. Oh no, is that my exit over there in the right lane, and I am going 65 mph in the left lane. Not a problem, I'll just cut over 3 lanes of traffic without looking and get off at my exit.
2. I don't know where I am going and I don't have GPS, so I will just slow down to a crawl at each corner and see if this is the block I should be turning on to, regardless of the cars behind me.
3. Oh, is this where I am supposed to get in the left turn lane??? Mmmm, I can't really see the street sign clearly, so let me just stop here in the middle lane and get a good look.
4. Oh, was that a stop sign I just shot through???!!!
5. I just got a new car and instead of reading the manual in my driveway, I thought it would save time & be more efficient & hands on, if I read it as I drive ever so slowly down the street.
This is one of those occasions where, when what we do can really have a tremendous impact on those around us (i.e. they could DIE), we need to be defensive - as in, drive defensively!

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