Monday, September 19, 2011

#23 - The Phenomena of Bills

Why is it that bills never seem to get lost in the mail nor are they ever late, and as a matter of fact, they seem to arrive at the house via snail mail, mind you, before you even get home from the doctor's office!!!???  I go to my gyn doc faithfully every year, and 90% of the time, I have to call them 2-3 weeks later for the results of a pap test.  It would seem to me that you would have some type of method for sending out test results from a doctor's office, so that those results would get to the person instead of the garbage can. I realize the business of the doctor's office and that my normal test results are not a priority, but it makes me wonder if it also happens to the abnormal test results, as in the time when my husband's cholesterol trigyceride level of 311 was not sent out and a few months later he ends up in emergency cardiac surgery (angioplasty & stent) for 2 blocked arteries!  I guess the real phenomena here is not the fact that they misplace test results, but thay they NEVER do the same with your bill!!!!!There must be a special staff assigned to the billing dept and Special Ed staff assigned to the test results department!

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