Sunday, September 25, 2011

#28 - Tailgaters

No, I do not mean the kind that we are when we are down in C'ville for UVA football games.  That tailgating is fun!!! Good food & drink, playing games like bean bag toss (or as people in the south & WV say - corn hole - which is a whole different thing to someone from NY!), watching other college football games via satellite (yes, tailgating has definitely moved to a different level nowadays!) & just having a fun time with family & friends.  I am talking about the tailgaters that ride your ass when you are driving down the road.  I understand if I am driving in the left lane and only moving at 4 miles above the speed limit (you will recall an earlier posting about left lane drivers) and stay in that lane, that anyone looking to pass has the right to ride my tail until I get back over in the right lane.  What annoys me is when I move over to the left lane to pass someone moving slower, and I am booking at about 10-15 mph above the speed limit, and some jackass speeds up and decides to ride within 6" of my bumper!!! If I even so much as tapped my brakes, the jackass would have no front left on his/her car and I would go from an SUV to a Smart car in a matter of seconds!

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