Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#19 - Express Line Cheaters

We've all been witness to grocery store fraud at the checkout line (and maybe, some of us have even been the ones guilty of committing the fraud).  You know what I'm talking about - Express Line - 12 items or less - designed for a quick check out when you only needed to buy a quart of milk and a loaf of bread and a stick of butter (remember that on Sesame Street, C & L!!!!).  I will say most times people abide by the express line rule, but there are instances when they do not.  And did you ever notice when the perpetrators are obviously guilty and they know it, how they behave? 
1) Let me just put these 20 items on the belt really really fast and then it doesn't count as too many.
2) If I don't make eye contact with anyone behind me, I won't get accused of being over the limit.
3) Let me pretend to count my items as I place them on the belt, and when all of them are on the belt, only then can I turn to the person behind me and exclaim, "oh, I didn't realize I had 54 items, would you like to go ahead of me?"
4) "Oh, am I on the Express Line?
5) Or the go-ahead-and-make-my-day-look, I am in a hurry so TS on you.

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