Monday, September 5, 2011

#13 - Last Minute Louies' Lame Excuses

It never ceases to amaze me how many procrastinators there are in this world.  And how lame some people's excuses are when it comes to their procrastinative tendencies (for those who challenge my vocabulary choices, and you know who you are:  Every year for the past 22 out of 23 years that I have worked at my church, our registration process for religious education classes brings out some of the most creative and far-fetched excuses for having missed registration on a particular Saturday in September. "Hi, I'm calling to see when you are having RE registration (2 days after we had it). Oh, it was this past Saturday; my family was out of town and we didn't see it in the bulletin (ma'am, it's been in the church bulletin every week, ad nauseam, since May); oh, we've been away (you are very lucky to be able to go away for 4 months; what did you do about your kids' school work?); oh, uh, uh, I mean we were away last weekend and didn't see it in the bulletin and really, it's just another way of saying I'm full of s-*-*-t. I just don't want to tell you we haven't been in church in months!" So, it was really irksome this year when we had registration on 4 EVENINGS - May, June, July & August @ 7:00pm to accomodate parents-who-work schedules, and there were still the last minute louies who called when they saw the "last day to register your child" notice in the bulletin -"I missed registration last night, are you having another one?" Yes, we had 3 others-May, June & July!!!
But the absolute best question this year was in response to my telling a parent that they can not register their child in a 2nd grade RE class unless they attended a 1st grade class (either at our church, another church or were in Catholic school).  And the mom said, "can she test out of 1st grade?" Boy, have we become a society of achievers - "Lord, I didn't have enough time to spend with you, so I just took a test and passed, and skipped that year!!!" Jeez!

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