Friday, September 9, 2011

#17 - People & Money

I know we all need money to survive in this world; for shelter, food, clothing; to put gas in our cars; for insurance, the list goes on.  And I know the topic of money may be coming up more frequently in conversations lately due to the poor economy.  However, when the first words out of someone's mouth is what they spent on something or how much they are making or how much they paid for a new car or or or...... I have no interest.  Not to say, I am jealous or envious.  Not in the least.  And it is not that I am not interested in things my friends are doing (i.e. building a new house or going on a wonderful trip). Sorry, but I went to high school in the late 60s, early 70s and have always had somewhat of a hippy mentality.  Fads are not my thing.  I wear what I want and what I like.  I do not have all the latest gadgets.  Do not have an iphone (yet; it is becoming harder and harder to find a regular cell!).  Do not have a Wii (oh wait, yes I do, I run up and down my stairs about 30x a day). Do not have an icemaker in my freezer (oh wait, yes I do, his name is Bob, my husband!).  Do not have a security system on my house (oh wait, yes I do, her name is Kalli, my dog!). I have pretty much always gone to my own drummer.  So, when someone starts going on and on about money & how much they have or what they are doing with it, I pretty much shut them off! 

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