Friday, September 23, 2011

#27 - BS Merchants

Being of Irish descent, I am filled with a bit of the blarney and can weave (and embellish) quite a story at times. That does not equate to "I-am-full-of-shit-and-think-you-are-stupid-and-you-will-not-realize-what-I-am-telling-you-is-bs".  And perhaps, because I am a storyteller, I enjoy listening to a good story and recognize quite quickly when someone is fos. When this happens, I go into closed blinds mode and do not hear what the person is saying anymore, nor does that person have much credibility with me anymore.  My father used to call people like this, BS Merchants. My Irish father was quite creative, descriptive and colorful in describing people & places & actions, i.e. go pound salt in your ass. I never quite understood the image of pounding salt - isn't it already in a pulverized state? or my all time fav that I still use today - never shit a shitter.  In any event, I do not have the time to listen to real bs (out and out lies), nor have I ever liked bs merchants and what they are selling, so if you happen to be one, try selling (or telling) your story elsewhere! 

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