Thursday, September 22, 2011

#26 - I Want What I Want When I Want It

I've already touched upon the last minute louies in life on this blog, but add to that one more thing - demanding attitude - and now you really have a headache about to happen.  Here's the scenario: you are a parent who for whatever reason has not had your child in religious education for many years (divorced and think you are no longer able to be part of the catholic church; you never seemed to find a church or a priest you liked; you are remarried & in an invalid marriage in the eyes of the church; a priest pissed you off 50 years ago & you can't let go of the anger & you never seemed to find a priest you liked; you have moved a lot & never seemed to find a church you liked; you have other priorities, like soccer and swimming and sleeping; time has just gotten away from you and you never seemed to find a church you liked!). Whatever the reason, it matters not.  What does matter is that you took the first step and called. However, that does not give you the right to call in the morning, then call back in the afternoon when you do not hear from someone, and then call back the next day and leave an indignant sounding message like, "I called yesterday about my son who hasn't been in RE for a while (translation: 8 years) and have not heard back from you yet, and I am getting very anxious about his getting into class."  Well, in my humble opinion, if you have waited 8 years, you can wait a few days while I plod through my other 18 similar-storied calls.  So, please, just be patient..... God is!!!!

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  1. OK, so I totally get you, sister -- and I feel your pain. However . . . ! I'm a little angsty over here, because I recall coming in to your office and feeding you a story that I'm SURE sounded like total bullshit, about a son whose lung had just been operated on, blah, blah, blah. I think the climax of my sad tale involved gerrymandering "Hawrysko" into my dispensation . . . .

    So I just wonder -- could you possibly be talking about me??