Saturday, October 1, 2011

#34 - Delivery Window=Ginormous Panoramic Picture Window

Don't you just love when you buy something that will require delivery (i.e. washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, copy machines for your office), and the salesperson who sells you the appliance tells you anything he/she thinks you want to hear -  oh yes, we can do that; not a problem at all; we do that all the time for customers.  And then you get a call from the scheduling person, who could really give a flying f**k what the salesperson may have told you, and gives you the dreaded "window of time".  What time of day would you prefer delivery, ma'am?  Morning? Well, we don't have a morning slot available for 3 months, but we do have an afternoon slot. That means between 12-4.  That's what the scheduler says, but what they really mean is, we won't be there before 3:57pm.  So, I think the next time I am shopping for something and talking to a salesperson, I think I will stop their sales pitch 2minutes into it, and say, oh I'm sorry, you'll have to continue this between 12-4, as that is the only window of time I have available for bs absorption into my brain!!!!

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