Thursday, October 13, 2011

#47 - House Disasters When All Alone or Away

Why is it that most times we have had major things happen in our house, it is when my husband has been on business travel or we have been away?  Large problems seemed to pop up before his plane was even on the runway. Our washer leaked (with a full load of laundry). Our dryer started squealing like a pig and stopped drying (with a full load of laundry). Our AC stopped cooling (on the hottest week of the summer).  Trees or huge branches have fallen in the back and front yards (luckily never landing on our roof). Obscene phone calls would be made to our house (at first I thought it was my husband trying to be sexy; it wasn't).  Our pool leaked (16,000 gallon pool leaking, not fun).  Water pipes have leaked (walls and ceilings cut open, not fun).  Water backed up into the house from a block in the sewer line (paying a plumber to put a camera down the outside sewer line, not fun).  We could have made a little money if we would have taken bets on what would happen whenever he was leaving. And this is not a strange phenomena restricted to our family.  I have heard these same irksome encounters from others.  So, I guess the only solution to this problem is no one can ever leave their house again!

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