Sunday, October 9, 2011

#42- Gossip

I know it is probably a physical impossiblity for the average human to not gossip in some way.  There are various definitions of the word gossip, and one of the less damaging ones would be "a chatty talk", so in that sense of the word, we all have gossiped.  The gossip that bothers me is when it reveals something of a personal or intimate nature about another person.  Whether it is true or false is almost irrelevent; the fact that it can be damaging and hurtful to another human being is what makes gossip unconscionable to me.  And what the perpetrator of the rumor hopes to accomplish is varied.  Sometimes it is just vindictive.  Othertimes, it may be envy or jealousy. Whatever the reason, gossip is not something I stomach well.  Telling stories at another's expense is just wrong.  I personally do not have the time or the energy to expend on hateful behavior and perhaps the world would be a much more peaceful place if everyone just kept their thoughts to themselves.

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