Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#60 - Super Intelligent Field Mice

Growing up in the city meant you had water bugs or roaches in your apartment, but not crickets or grasshoppers or field mice.  Living in the burbs is an entirely different world to the once-upon-a-time city dweller. I have learned the names of some plants (notice I said some).  I have learned the names of some flowers and trees (some again).  And I have learned I do not like field mice.  Oh, they are very cute when they are on Cinderella singing their little Gus Gus hearts out.  But in the house - I don't think so.  I do not like anything that crawls that I cannot squash with my foot.  I can squash spiders and crickets and ants and roly poly bugs and then just pick them up with a tissue and throw them in the garbage (sorry all you pro-lifers who may be appalled at this image).  I cannot squash a mouse or a snake with my shoe (well, I probably could, but the thought of squashing something that big with my shoe is revolting to me).  So, the problem of some field mice in the laundry room is really getting to me.  We have no idea how they are getting in, but they are.  And these are not just normal field mice.  Oh, no! They are super smart ass field mice.  They get the food out of the trap and do not spring the trap!  And Bob the Mouse Killer really jams the food into the trap, so how they are getting it out without either getting their necks snapped or even springing the trap is beyond me.  An image of a tag team approach comes to my mind - ok, you hold onto my tail and I will sneak up on the food from the side; if you see any movement of that wooden thing whatsoever, pull me back quickly! So, Bob the Mouse Killer went back to our local home improvement store and bought the good old fashioned wood and metal spring traps (the Houdini ones have this plastic cheese looking thing on the wooden base that is supposed to resemble cheese, I guess).  Snap! Snap! Snap! Three dead mice!!!! Hopefully that was it, but the Mouse Killer is getting a few more traps to make sure, so I can once again enter my laundry room in a normal fashion and not have to bang my feet and cough loudly as I put all the lights on to scare off those Mighty Mouse wannabes!



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