Monday, October 17, 2011

#53 - Fall Schizophrenia-The Weather Kind

I marvel at God's creation.  I like all four seasons (even the Frankie Vallie ones). Still. Even at 57 years old, I like the cold and snow of winter. I live where I live because I like the four seasons.  I look forward to the first snow of the season.  But then by the end of February, I am tired of it and look forward to the first signs of spring in March. And after a few months of pollen coated cars  and those helicopter things that fall all over our deck (can you tell I'm from the city and know the names of arbor related things very well?!?!), I look forward to the hazy, lazy days of summer.  By the end of August, I am ready for the cool, brisk, color-filled days of autumn and football.  Going to UVA football games when it is hot, is absolutely disgusting. All you feel like doing is dumping bottles of water all over your body and drinking anything ice cold!  So, come September, I so look forward to my most favorite season - autumn.  And what irks me the most about the fall is the previous season's inability to let go.  It tries, mind you, but with little success in our area.  We may get a few teasing days of cooler, crisp air that makes one want to hike in the Blue Ridge Mtns, and not be sitting in their stuffy, closed in, windowless office (who, me?).  Then the heat and humidity comes back for a week. There is something intrinsically wrong with finally being able to open your windows after months of being shut due to the need for AC, and then closing them to put the heat on at night, and then keeping them closed and switching to AC again!  Too bad there are not Weather Psychologists to help the needy summer stop inserting itself where it is no longer wanted!

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