Sunday, October 16, 2011

#52- Party Crashing

We have a neighbor we hardly ever see. He is like a vampire who only surfaces after dark in the summer, and whose lights are on late into the night (late into the night for me is actually 4am when I get up).  But here is an interesting phenomena that occurs with not only this neighbor, but others as well.  If you want to see them, just decide to have a few friends over for an outside BBQ and abracadra - your neighbor magically will appear, cutting his grass right in the backyard next to yours, making any conversations you may be having with your friends a near impossibility.  Over the years I have pondered this amazing phenomena and here are a few conclusions I have arrived at:
1. The neighbor is jealous that you have friends.
2. He wants to show your friends that he really does know how to cut grass, even though up until that moment his grass was 24" tall.
3. He is not a very happy person and needs to drown out the sound of laughter and joviality with his lawn mower.
4. He is so excited because he just got a new lawn mower and he needs to try it out immediately.
5. Those cirrus clouds could form into cumulonimbus clouds at any moment and cause a downpour.
Normally, I would consider inviting a neighbor over for a gathering of our friends but that would require a sighting of the neighbor and we do not have too many of those.

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