Thursday, October 6, 2011

#39 - Chico Negativo

I love my husband.  I just want to get that statement on the books before I start to bash him.  He is a kind-hearted, generous, man of integrity and has always gone to his own drummer, which is what first drew me to him in high school.  However, I should have known there would be some deviant genetic marker that would rear its ugly head some day, showing his imperfections! One of them being what I call "Chico Negativo" or  "SOI" (Son Of Irene) because his mother is the queen of negativity.  It doesn't matter how happy or wonderful an occasion may be, Irene will ALWAYS find something negative and feels obligated to make everyone involved know exactly what it is.  For example, how wonderful I have a grandson, my first-born grandchild, who was born healthy BUT you know it is downhill from here, I am a Babci (Polish for grandmother) now and I am getting old (she was a ripe 48 years old when my son was born!) and will die soon (she is still alive and well, 34 years later). Or how wonderful that my first-born grandson is graduating from UVA and did it in 4 years, BUT do I really have to walk in the Charlottesville heat and humidity? Keep in mind the woman lives in the sunshine state, where heat and humidity is a given on a daily basis.  Or thank you for getting me a plane ticket (which I could not afford to do on my own) to come and spend a week or two at your house, where you will treat me to things I normally don't get to do, like dinner theaters and shopping and spending time with family, BUT do I really have to fly into Atlanta and change planes.  Well, yes, yes you do, when you want to fly out of rinky dink Melbourne airport on a puddle jumper that cannot make a direct flight to DC.  So, this is what my husband was exposed to in his youth.  Now I am not saying he is even remotely as bad as the queen, however, he has his moments.  And his plays out a bit differently.  I can spend four hours ironing clothes (one chore I absolutely deplore!), fill his closet with the 35 freshly ironed shirts and jeans, and he will say, oh did you happen to see my blue shirt, I wanted to wear that today.  Mind you, he hadn't worn the said blue shirt in MONTHS, but that was the ONE shirt he needed that day. Or I will be working on a painting project (I actually really like to paint and have done all of the painting, stenciling and wallpapering in our house) and he will walk into the room and say it looks really good BUT, what happened over in this corner near the base board behind the couch that no one else could even see? Whenever the defective genetic marker surfaces in him, it is pounced on by yours truly with the simple moniker, Chico Negativo or SOI, and it snaps him back to a healthy reality!

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