Friday, October 7, 2011

#40 - Words: Saying What You Mean

I have a good friend who has taught me that to say words like NEVER and ALWAYS can be a foolish thing for obvious reasons- what is happening at any given moment does not mean it could never happen again or just because you usually do something or think a certain way, doesn't mean you will always do it that exact same way.  My husband has a similar thought process in using words like LOVE and HATE.  His philosophy is we love people and perhaps our pets, but LOVING inanimate objects or activities is not normal, and that the word LOVE is bandied about way too freely and without meaning. I.E. I love pizza and beer (do you kiss it before eating and drinking it?).  He also feels that the word HATE is used haphazardly and without much thought as to what one is really saying.  Based on the Merriam Webster definition of hate ~ intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury ~ I would have to agree that we say things that we really do not mean.  I.E. I got a speeding ticket the other day, therefore, I HATE all policeman. First of all, that would imply you knew ALL policeman in the world.  Secondly, you may be pissed at getting a ticket, but really? It was your fault for speeding in the first place, so perhaps you should hate the fact that you were speeding!!!!  And then, one of the things that really irks me is to hear people make a comment about a TV or Movie personality or someone well known in the news.  Oh, how sad, Patrick Swaze died.  He was such a nice guy.  Really?  How would we know he was a nice guy unless we personally knew him? He may have been a nice guy in real life, but what we see on the big screen is not his real world, thus the term ACTING.  So, next time when we open our mouths, perhaps it would be a good idea if we really said what we mean and mean what we say!

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