Saturday, October 29, 2011

#63 - Forecast of Snow = Run on Stores

When I think back to my youth and growing up in NY, I remember winter fondly.  Now that may be because I was a child and the only things associated with snow and winter weather were:
1) Day off from school (very infrequently though in NYC; unlike Northern VA, where school is closed at the mere mention of 1-2" of snow acculumation!)
2) Building snow forts around fire hydrants, as that was the only place on a city block where it was clear of parked cars and afforded you the ability to fire snow balls across the street at your opponents.
3) Going into apartment building lobbies and taking off your hats, gloves and scarves and putting them on the steaming hot hallway radiators to dry before venturing back out into the winter wonderland.
4) Ice skating down an ice covered 35th Street at 11pm at night, helping my brother deliver his newspapers on a sled.
So, the mention of the 1st snow of the season still brings an excitement with it, even though I have to clean snow off my car and drive to work in it.  However, in this area, the hint of snow by meteorologists results in a run on the stores.  Similar in nature to a run on the banks during the depression, a run on stores creates pandemonium, and the media does not always help the situation by showing consumers at the local grocery store staring at empty bread & milk shelves.  Jeez, you would think we live in the middle of nowhere, hundreds of miles away from the nearest town and supplies, like in Little House on the Prairie days and the long winter! 


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