Thursday, October 27, 2011

#62 - Out of Your Control

I have already touched upon Chico Negativo in my peeves, but now I am broadening the negative spectrum to include people in general - polar opposite reactions to occurences. I am talking about the kind of people that seem to go out of their way to either disagree with you or discount something you said, just because YOU said it.  But this does not just include verbal negativity.  It also includes physical negativity.  You know what I mean.
1. You close a door into a room because a person is getting ready to start a presentation and they come over and reopen it. Why? Because they want the entire hallway to listen to the pearls of wisdom that will flow from their mouth? No. Because you closed the door.
2. You move things around in the office that have not been touched in a year.  And suddenly the things you moved (for what you thought was the most efficient placement) are moved back. Why? Because someone liked the original placement better? Or because it was more efficient in the original placement? No, because you moved it.
3. You choose a date for a workshop or a class that requires someone else's presence (i.e. priest for a sacramental celebration or a presenter), and that date is no good.  Why? Because the presenter really has something else scheduled that day. Maybe, but not likely.  The presenter feels an illness coming on that will probably be in full bloom a month from now?  No, because you were assertive and took the initiative and chose the date.
4. You comment how the earthquake shook the whole building and the response is it wasn't that big a deal. Because it really wasn't a big deal in the greater scheme of earthquakes throughout recorded history? No, because you said so.
So, the only conclusion I can come to, is that when you are on the receiving end of this treatment, you must be very intimidating to those who have the polar opposite reaction to you, your words or your actions and they need to take control of the situation!

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