Sunday, October 2, 2011

#35 - Charlie Brown's Friend, Pig Pen

You know that friend of Charlie Brown, who always has a cloud of dust following him?  His name is Pig Pen.  He is covered with smudges of dirt and grime and whenever he walks, he stirs up dust bunnies around his feet.  Well, we live next door to his brother, Dirty Ernie, whose address is 101 Disgusting Drive.  This person must spend a lot of time in meditation and prayer, thus earning the name, Hermit, as we hardly ever see him.  He must spend all his time cleaning the inside of his house rendering it spotless, as he does not do ANYTHING on the outside.  His grass gets cut 2x over the summer.  He must be an introvert and needs his privacy because his hedges around the front of his property are now about 12 feet tall and are trimmed once a season.  We (actually my yard boy husband) trim the hedges that border our driveway, so that they remain a reasonable height of 6' tall.  His backyard looks like something out of Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book (not quite as nice) with 20' weeds-turned-trees growing at breakneck speeds. There is a base to what once was a shed that was crushed in the heavy snow two years ago (at least he carted away the crushed shed!) among the wild flora and fauna, that adds to the ambiance of the rain forest.  And lastly, he must be going for the rustic antique look on his house, because his siding has not been power washed EVER and has turned from a light gray to an indistinguisable color due to the MOLD growing on it.  If the man was elderly, we would go over and lend him a hand like any good neighbor would do, but he is about 10 years younger than us, single with no children!!!!  So, eventually, I think the property will just get condemned by the county.  Nice for property values, isn't it???!!!!

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