Monday, October 24, 2011

#59 - False Advertising

So, you are in charge of the main dish at tailgating.  You decide to have shrimp.  You go to the local fish place whose shrimp is 13.99 a lb.  Then you see the weekly sale paper for the local supermarket that has the same jumbo shrimp for 6.99 a lb.  No brainer, right?! Wrong! You wait until 6pm on Friday (hey, it was  a beautiful dog-and-man-in-the-park day) to go to the store and buy the sale shrimp.  You wait and wait at the seafood counter (only one person working and someone buying a seafood platter - the nerve!).  You go to the front of the store to pick up the sale paper that has the ad for the shrimp on sale. You go back to the counter. Platter man is finally done. Finally, you hear, "may I help you?" Yes, I would like 6 lbs of the jumbo peel-and-eat-shrimp you have on sale.  We don't have any jumbo shrimp on sale.  Yes, yes, you do, and you point out the ad. Oh, THAT shrimp. Well, I am defrosting it.  Can I see it, you ask, ever so kindly.  Yes, of course.  Whoa, that's not JUMBO shrimp.  Well, this is the sale shrimp, is the answer.  Now for someone who didn't know there was even a sale on shrimp 4 minutes before, to suddenly know those were the sale shrimp was a bit disconcerting to the frugal shrimp buyer. Disconcerting is probably not a good word.  PISSED OFF was more like it.  So, the shrimp was bought, but not at the above grocery store, but at another store, and in the end cost MORE than the shrimp from the original seafood place (in both per lb price and gas driving around town!).  The moral of this story - don't believe every thing you see in the paper or go with your gut and don't waste time looking for something better!

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