Monday, October 3, 2011

#36 - New Millenium=New Vocabulary

It is truly amazing to me how things have changed in our world since I was growing up.  Now granted, to a kid today, to say you were born in 1954, is like saying you were born during the Civil War.  One of the many changes is the amount of newly named diseases or what we call old ones.  Virus was not something you heard when I was young.  You either had a cold or the flu.  It didn't matter how sick you were or how high a fever you had, it was still the flu. Not an African horse sickness virus or  Andean potato mottle virus. Imagine coming home from the doctor as a kid and telling your mother the doctor said you had bean pod mottle virus. My mother would have smacked me in the head for lying!  
Then there is a condition called night terrors.  We had nightmares; now some people apparently have night terrors, which according to the experts, is quite different than a nightmare, because your symptoms may be sudden awakening from sleep, persistent fear or terror that occurs at night, screaming, sweating, confusion, rapid heart rate, inability to explain what happened, usually no recall of "bad dreams" or nightmares, and you may have a vague sense of frightening images. Many people see spiders, snakes, animals or people in the room, are unable to fully awake, difficult to comfort, with no memory of the event on awakening the next day. Well, I don't know about you but I have had all of these things in a nightmare, so I guess I had night terrors as a kid and thought they were nightmares.

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