Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#55 - House Disasters When Away

I have already discussed the house-disasters-when-alone syndrome, but didn't really touch upon the "away" syndrome.  Here's the situation: you wait all year to go away on a relaxing, fun vacation.  You need someone to watch the dog while you are away.  You hire a college student, whom you have known for years. College student comes and watches dog & house.  You come home to a note saying your family room flooded a bit and the cause of the flood has not been determined. Plumber is called.  $450.00 and a camera view of pipes that is both gross and fascinating at the same time, you discover the college student flushed something she shouldn't have down the toilet and it snagged on a plant root that had found it's way into the underground sewer pipe. Sewer authority is now called to come out and camera view said pipe and snake it out, as the problem area is located VERY CLOSE to the main line that ruins down the street and no longer is YOUR problem. Phew!  Needless to say the next vacation trip we took, our house was closed up with no sitter! Dog went on vacation to her original mother's house!

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