Friday, October 14, 2011

#50 - Know-It-All People

I realize there are some really intelligent people in this world, whose knowledge covers a wide expanse of topics. I have watched people like that on Jeopardy.  The Ken Jennings of this world are truly amazing.  The gift that God has blessed them with is truly awe-inspiring.  And people who have been blessed with a sharp mind that can absorb huge amounts of information and then retain that information to be shared at a later date, fall into one of  two categories: the humble or the obnoxious.  The humble person realizes that what he/she has is truly a gift from God, and they use that gift to better the world around them in some way, shape or form. True humility is recognizing what your gifts are and using them wisely (in my humble opinion).  The obnoxious smart person is also known as the know-it-all.  You know the type.  They know everything about anything and everything that ever comes up in a conversation. There is nothing that you can bring up that they don't know about.  There is no place in the world that you can say you have visited, that they haven't been to.  There is no restaurant that they haven't tried.  There is no book that they haven't read.  There is no store that they haven't shopped at.  I marvel at people like that.  No, I don't.  They aggravate the hell out of me.  It's like they have to one up something you may be telling them.  I.E. You say: When we lived in Germany, we went to this neat little gasthaus in Bavaria and had the best schnitzel I've ever tasted.    K-I-A says: Oh, you mean the little gasthaus owned by Herr & Frau Schmidt? They are such wonderful people.  Now, some may find this cute, as in, oh, it's such a small world & how amazing you knew not only the name of the smallest gasthaus in the Alps, but also the owners.  I just find it annoying.

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