Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#37- Memory- Not the Computer Kind

I don't think it's fair that just when you seem to be at an age when God graces you with wisdom, you start forgetting things.  Not things from 35 years ago, but things from 35 minutes ago.  Let my husband ask me at dinnertime what I had for lunch today, and my mind is a blank slate.  Not one iota of info in it concerning the said topic! Ask me what my grandmother used to make me for Sunday breakfast (my brother & I would stop at her house on our way home from 8:45am mass), and I can tell you down to the name brand syrup she had for our french toast!  Let me run into someone I have known from church for many years, and I can only remember their first OR their last name, not both. What the heck is that all about????  As I'm telling a story, I draw a complete blank on a word that I know I have used a gazillion times.  I'm not talking about complex vocabulary words that only a PhD candidate would use.  I'm talking about regular, everyday words, that somehow just seem to get pushed to the rear of my brain when I need them.  Oh, that must be it!  At 57, I have accumulated so much knowledge in my brain, that when I need to store more info, something needs to get deleted.  It's like cleaning out my inbox to make room for more emails!

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